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Practica del Centro playlist, 3/11/13

Coming at the heels of Daniela and Hernan's 3 day workshop, the Monday night practica wasn't all that weel attended, and there was a lot of chat and beer in addition to dancing. The music felt good but could we get a few more people on the floor?
01. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "No esta"  2:45
02. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "Al compas del Corazon"  3:19
03. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "Junto a tu corazon"  3:00
"How could you start from so good music when there is no one to dance it?"
04. Anibal Troilo Fiorentino "El Cuarteador"  2:49
05. Anibal Troilo Fiorentino "El Bulin De La Calle Ayacucho"  2:30
06. Anibal Troilo Fiorentino "Tinta Roja"  3:02
07. Lomuto, Francisco  "A la gran muñeca"  3:01
08. Lomuto, Francisco  "Nostalgias"  3:05
09. Lomuto, Francisco  "Quiero verte una vez mas"  2:29
The next tanda is experimental in nature, and I had to move these fun Rodrigues tangofox tracks down the playlist because the girls didn't yet finish rehashing yesterday's women's technique class:
10. Enrique Rodrigues, Armando Moreno  "2 No Te Apures Por Dios Postillon - Armando Moreno"  2:59

"Gypsy theme #452", the 1915 single cover.
From Wikipedia
Can't resist adding a few visual and audio vignettes. This "Coachman, for goodness sake, don't hurry; there isn't anybody left to go to, there isn't anybody left to love" is the theme of a classic Russian Gypsy Art Nouveau romance, strictly forbidden and at the same time wildly popular and widely alluded to in the USSR... and it makes a very tango kind of allusion itself, in a counterpoint to the poetic and macho image of ever-flying speedy Troika horses (which are mentioned in the opening line of the Castellano letras too).

11. Enrique Rodrigues, Armando Moreno "Noches de hungria"  2:57
12. Enrique Rodrigues, Armando Moreno "La hija de la japonesita-Armando Moreno-1941(Fox trot)" 2002 2:30
What's a night without Fresedo?
13. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Cordobesita" 1933 2:32
14. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Isla de Capri" 1935 3:16
15. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Vida mia" 1933 3:23
I spent the previous week learning about BsAs ca. 1960, including Ben Molar aka Moses Smolarchik Brenner, 98 years old now, who was about to give us El Dia del Tango, December 11, to honor both Gardel and Calo... so I ended up listening to Calo and again to Calo:
16. Miguel Calo - Alberto Podesta  "Pedacito de cielo (vals)" 1942 2:21
17. Miguel Calo - Alberto Podesta  "Bajo un cielo de estrellas (vals)" 1941 2:37
18. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "El vals soñador" 1942-04-29 3:32
19. Carlos Di Sarli  "Cara Sucia" 2001 2:48
20. Di Sarli, Carlos Carlos Di Sarli "La Trilla" 1940 2:23
21. Di Sarli, Carlos   "Decime que pasó"  2:41
22. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos - Lita Morales  "Sinsabor" 1939 2:53
23. Donato, Edgardo  "El Adios" 1938 3:09
24. Edgardo Donato - Lita Morales - Romeo Gavio  "Mi Serenata" 1940 3:02
You know that I have a week spot for Di Sarli's milongas:
25. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Yo Soy De San Telmo"  2:20
26. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Zorzal"  2:40
27. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "La Mulateada"  2:22
28. Juan D'Arienzo - Alberto Echagüe  "No mientas" 1938-12-28 2:39
29.  Juan D'Arienzo  "021 Dime mi amor"  2:40
30. D'Arienzo, Juan Juan d'Arienzo "Pensalo Bien" 1938 2:17
31. Lucio Demare - Raúl Berón  "Canta pajarito" 1943-06-10 3:24
32. Lucio Demare - Raúl Berón  "Moneda de Cobre" 1943-04-01 2:54
33. Demare, Lucio Rodolfo Biagi "Cómo se hace un tango - Raul Beron" 1943 3:14
Love the 3rd vals especially, but laugh to the first two as well:
34. Enrique Rodriguez - Roberto Flores  "Las Espigadoras"  2:47
35. Enrique Rodrigues y su orquestra , Armando Moreno "Por Aqui, por alla-Armando Moreno-1940(Vals)" 2002 3:27
36.  Enrique Rodrigues y su orquestra , Armando Moreno "Los piconeros-Roberto Flores-1939(Bulerias)" 2002 2:43
Not sure about the 1st of the three:
La Merced de Santiago.
Discepolo got acquainted with
a dashing attache called
Juan Peron on that fateful trip to Chili
37. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante  "Remolino" 1946 3:06
38. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante "Alfredo De Angelis - Fumando Espero"  3:27
39. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante  "Carillon de La Merced" 1957 2:50
40. Biagi, Rodolfo Rodolfo Biagi "Todo te nombra" 1940 3:33
41. Rodolfo Biagi - Jorge Ortiz  "Quiero verte una vez más" 1940 3:00
42. Rodolfo Biag Jorge Ortíz "Ahora  No Me Conoces"  2:30
Alas Brian already left so I couldn't get his opinion on evenness of the milonga tempos... as you can imagine, the third tune is what it's all for:
43.  Francisco Canaro "Milonga De Mis Amores"  3:04
44. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Milonga criolla" 1936 3:00
45. Francisco Canaro - Ernesto Fama  "Milonga del 900" 1933-05-08 2:55
Not sure about the 1st of the three:
46. Enrique Rodríguez  "Como has cambiado pebeta" 2000 2:37
47. Rodriguez, Enrique  "En la buena y en la mala" 1940 2:26
48. Rodriguez, Enrique  "Danza Maligna" 1940 2:27
Calo again. the first two are to die for IMHO:
49. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Jamás retornarás" 1942-10-09 2:31
50. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Al compás del corazón" 1942-04-29 2:48
51. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Corazón no le hagas caso" 1942-09-29 3:00
Love "Lejos de Ti" (I have a separate blog entry on that) ... Biagi y Ibanez got one more super fast vals but three just could be too much? So I added an instrumental and a little bit slower.
52. Rodolfo Biagi Teófilo Ibáñez "Lejos de Ti " 2002 2:08
53. Rodolfo Biagi Teófilo Ibáñez "Loca de Amor " 2002 2:13
54. Rodolfo Biagi - Instrumental  "Lágrimas y sonrisas" 1941-03-26 2:41
I spent a lot of time assembling a Canaro - Fama tanda around Tormenta, but then chickened out a reused a more "largo" tanda from last month:
55. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Ojos negros que fascinan" 1935 2:51
"Dark Eyes" is another eternal Russian Gypsy classic, based on a French slow waltz of the early XIX c. The letras quite fathfully follow the Russian lyrics, too. And it has been molded into a classic Russian tango too, by Leschenko who shared fames of a Gypsy romance singer and of Tango vocalist. From 1:53 :
56. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Condena (S.O.S.)" 1937-11-08 2:39
57. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Invierno" 1937-08-19 3:26
58. Pugliese, Osvaldo  "La Tupungatina" 1952 4:05
59. Pugliese, Osvaldo   "Recuerdo"  2:39
60. Pugliese, Osvaldo   "Amurado"  2:43
End of practica, the remaining tracks are the "furniture moving music" :) :
61. Bebe Various Artists "Siempre Me Quedará" 2005 3:50
62. Soha  "Mil Pasos" 2008 4:07
63. Kayah & Goran Bregovic  "Ta-Bakiera (This Tabakeria) (La Tabacchiera)" 2000 4:16

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