Sunday, May 12, 2013

Practica del Centro playlist, 5/6/2013

We've had several cancellations of the practica in April, so my next turn to play with the music came in May. So many good tangos, so few minutes of play!
01. Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental "Cara sucia" 1957 2:48
02. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Tristeza Marina"  3:09
03. Carlos di Sarli - Roberto Rufino  "Charlemos" 1941 2:30
04. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Corazon"  2:46
05. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Vida mia" 1933 3:23
06. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Isla de Capri" 1935 3:16
07. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Sollosos" 1937 3:27
This is a "new, improved" version of my OTV vals tanda. As chance may have it, OTV's valses are also featured in the latest installment of Tanda of the Week blog, and I stand behind my insistence that the 3rd of mine is the one to go for :)
08. Orquesta Típica Víctor Orquesta Tipica Victor "Amor y Cielo" 2:25
09. Orquesta Típica Víctor Orquesta Tipica Victor "Sin Rumbo Fijo" 2:18
10. Orquesta Tipica Victor - Lita  "Noches de invierno" 1937 2:47
Enough of this fear of "Poema" :) :) ! Talking with the dancers in the community about the tracks convinced me that many dancers on the local scene long for the old favs which the festival-goers like myself sometimes dismiss as overplayed. So I'm going to try to re-use the would-be cliche records - like how about right this time: see "Malena" a few tandas below ;)
11. Francisco Canaro  - Roberto Maida "Ciego"  2:57
12. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida  "Mano a mano" 1938 3:06
13. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida  "Poema" 1935 3:24
"Zaraza" turned into a signature Eastern European tango - so much so that in Romania, they reinvented the meaning of the title, insisting that it was a beautiful maiden's name! And of course in Polnad, they had to change the title, which translates as "Pest" :). Read this tale, beautifully illustrated, in Studiolum's blog.
14. Biagi, Rodolfo  "Humiliacion" 1941 2:42
15. Rodolfo Biagi Jorge Ortíz "Zaraza"  2:42
16. Rodolfo Biagi  "Pura Clase" 1939 2:37
Why is it so that whenever I play from El Rey del Fox for a milonga-ish tanda, people keep asking me if that was Russian music? Was Enrique Rodriguez a Russian by heart ;) ?
17.  Enrique Rodriguez, Armando Moreno "3 Japonesita - Armando Moreno"  2:21
18. Enrique Rodriguez, Armando Moreno "El Boulevard de la desilusion-1943(Fox trot)" 2:16
19. Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno "Noches de Hungria"  2:57
20. Demare, Lucio Raul Beron "Cómo se hace un tango " 1943 3:14
21. Lucio Demare - Horacio Quintan  "Igual que un bandoneon" 1945 3:02
22. Lucio Demare - Juan Carlos Mir  "Manana zarpa un barco" 1942 3:22
23. Anibal Troilo Francisco Fiorentino "Toda La Vida" 1941 2:56
24. Aníbal Troilo - Francisco Fiorentino  "Corazón... no le hagas caso" 1943 2:47
25. Aníbal Troilo - Francisco Fiorentino  "Malena" 1942 3:00
26. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "Soñar y nada más" 1944 3:08
27. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "A Magaldi" 1947 2:50
28. Alfredo de Angelis  "Pobre flor" 2:42
The alt tanda abbreviated to just two tracks; I figured that after the energetic valses, if people want to catch their breath and seat this one out, then it won't de-energize the atmosphere with its just 8 minutes of duration. A friendly shout-out to DJ El Hermano German Nemoljakin) who sort of dared me to play Mil Pasos again LOL.
29. Goran Bregovic  "This Is A Film (feat. Iggy Pop)" 2003 4:18
30. Soha  "Mil Pasos" 2008 4:07
31. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Recien"  2:41
32. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Todo"  2:35
33. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Garua"  3:12
34. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante "Fumando Espero"  3:27
35. De Angelis - Carlos Dante  " Carrillon de la Merced"  2:50
36. Alfredo De Angelis  "Pavadita"  2:55
Running out of time & had to let go of the 2nd milonga tanda. Time to crown the night with Pugliese. Julianne - I tried hard to squeeze another Pugliese tanda in my playlist, but it was just impossible with only two hours of music!
37. Pugliese, Osvaldo "Rondando Tu Esquina" 1945 2:49
38. Pugliese  "Corrientes Y Esmeralda"  2:49
39. Pugliese  "Recuerdo"  2:39
40. Alfredo de Angelis - Instrumental  "La cumparsita" 1961 3:33
41. Ane Brun  "To Let Myself Go" 2005 3:19
(41 total)