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Practilonga del Centro playlist, 11/18/2013

This time Del Centro hosted an afterparty for Salt Lake's first mini-festival, Wasatch Tango Exchange, and both the length and the format of the event were supposed to be special: 3.5 hours of music and no class. And something else special in the air - in addition to a post-fest sweet vibe, there must have been a palpable element of physical exhaustion among the sleep-deprived organizers and volunteers. The more excited we were to greet and hug those of us who came to dance on this beautiful full Moon Monday night!
01. Osvaldo Fresedo - Roberto Ray  "Araca la cana" 1933 2:26
02. Osvaldo Fresedo - Roberto Ray  "El Once (A divertirse)" 1935 2:40
03. Osvaldo Fresedo - Instrumental  "Tigre viejo" 1934 3:01
The warm-up quality early Fresedos in the still-empty loft didn't get any feet on the floor, and it was still really cold in the room, so I'm like, how about something more drastic for a warm-up? Thanks Juianne for smiling it through with me :)
04. Enrique Rodrieques - Armando Moreno  "Se ve el tren"  3:11
05. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
06. Ricardo Tanturi - Enrique Campos  "Una emocion" 1943-11-17 2:37
07. Ricardo Tanturi  "Que Nunca Me Falte"  2:42
08. Ricardo Tanturi - Enrique Campos / Oigo Tu Voz 3:07
09. Victor Tsoy  "Gruppa Krovi (cortina)"  0:36
10. Rodolfo Biagi - Teófilo Ibáñez  "La loca de amor" 1938 2:12
11. Rodolfo Biagi - Jorge Ortiz  "Cuatro palabras" 1941 2:20
12. Rodolfo Biagi - Jorge Ortiz  "Tu melodía" 1945 2:51
13. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
Who needs D'Arienzo when there are Di Sarli's tracks of such rhythmic quality :) :)
14. Carlos Di Sarli "La Trilla" 1940 2:23
15. Carlos Di Sarli  "La Cachila"  2:46
16. Carlos Di Sarli Instumental "Nobleza de Arrabal" 2:07
17. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
18. Lomuto, Francisco  "Quiero verte una vez mas"  2:29
19. Lomuto, Francisco  "Nostalgias"  3:05
20. Lomuto, Francisco  "A la gran muñeca"  3:01
21. Victor Tsoy  "Gruppa Krovi (cortina)"  0:36
One can hardly make a full milonga tanda of either OTV's or Pellejero's records, but I think that the two orchestras go really nicely together!
22. "Orquesta Tipica Victor - Milonga De Los Fortines - Mariano Balcarce" 1937, 1937 2:52
23. Orquesta Tipica Victor  "Cacareando"  2:45
24. "Emilio Pellejero - Mi Vieja Linda - Enalmar De Maria - 1941" 1941, 1941 2:26
25. VictorTsoy Victor Tsoy "V staryh kvartirakh (cortina)"  0:44
26. Juan D'Arienzo - Héctor Mauré  "Ya lo ves" 1941 2:39
27. Juan D'Arienzo - Alberto Reynal  "Almanaque de ilusión (2)" 1941 2:55
28.  Juan D'Arienzo "Dime mi amor"  2:40
29. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
30. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Jamás retornarás" 1942 2:31
31. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Al compás del corazón" 1942 2:48
32. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "Corazón no le hagas caso" 1942 3:00
33. Victor Tsoy  "Gruppa Krovi (cortina)"  0:36
34. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "Soñar y nada más" 1944 3:08
35. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "A Magaldi" 1947 2:50
36. Alfredo de Angelis  "Pobre flor" 2:42
37. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
At this point there was a really nice crowd on the floor, and it properly cleared the space during the cortinas, but I couldn't help thinking that the floors fills up to slowly at the beginning of each next tanda. Maybe it's a Monday night, with chatting friends and beer and food; or maybe the running tradition of Del Centro is cortina-less. Anyway from this tanda on, I'm doing away with the "special format" and with the cortinas planned for it. La vida es corta; just keep dancing, my friends!
38. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Isla de Capri" 1935 3:16
39. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Vida mia" 1933 3:23
40. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Nieblas del riachuelo" 1937 2:25
And indeed, hardly anyone stopped dancing when the lyrical Fresedo transitioned into Biagi :)
41. Rodolfo Biagi - Alberto Amor  "Tus labios me dirán" 1945 3:11
42. Rodolfo Biagi - Carlos Saavedra  "Esta noche me emborracho" 1946 2:50
43. Rodolfo Biagi "Todo te nombra" 1940 3:33
44. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "La Mulateada"  2:22
45. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podestá "Entre Pitada Y Pitada"  2:33
46. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Pena Mulata"  2:27
47. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Recien"  2:41
48. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Todo"  2:35
49. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Garua"  3:12
50. Francisco Canaro Roberto Maida "Ciego"  2:57
51. Francisco Canaro Roberto Maida "Condena (S.O.S.)" 1937 2:39
52. Francisco Canaro Roberto Maida "Invierno" 1937 3:26
53. Miguel Caló - Raúl Berón  "El vals soñador" 1942 3:32
54. Alberto Podestá  "Bajo un cielo de estrellas"  2:35
55. Miguel Calo - Alberto Podesta  "Pedacito de cielo (vals)" 1942 2:21
56. Victor Tsoy  "Spokoynaya Noch' (cortina)"  0:49
57. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "No esta"  2:45
58. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "Junto a tu corazon"  3:00
59. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "Tu!...El cielo y tu!"  2:59
60. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante "Fumando Espero"  3:27
61. Alfredo De Angelis - Carlos Dante  "Alfredo de Angelis - Carrillon de la Merced"  2:50
With Pavadita playing, don't you already know what shall be coming your way?
62. Alfredo De Angelis  "Pavadita"  2:55
63. Otros Aires dos  "Los Vino"  2:41
64. Otros Aires  "Rotos en el Raval" 2005 3:53
65. Otros Aires  "Un Baile De Beneficio" 2010 3:42
66. Osvaldo Pugliese "Rondando Tu Esquina" 1945 2:49
67. Osvaldo Pugliese  "Gallo Ciego"  3:34
68. Pugliese, Osvaldo Osvaldo Pugliese "Malandraca" 1949 2:52
(We have a few minuted more than I counted on! Aha, so tonight maybe a night to add a second, crowning Pugliese tanda :) )
69. Donato, Edgardo  "El Adios" 1938 3:09
70. Donato, Edgardo  "Sinfonía De Arrabal" 1940 3:07
71. Edgardo Donato - Lita Morales - Romeo Gavio  "Mi Serenata" 1940 3:02
And the format shall be "P-D-P": Pugliese - Donato - Pugliese. I'm adding a couple early Pugliese tracks, but it's about the end of the practilonga so we are going to jump a quarter of a century towards the end of the tanda:
72. Osváldo Pugliese Osvaldo Pugliese "Remembranzas" 1943 3:41
73. Pugliese, Osvaldo Various Artists "La Abandone Y No Sabia" 1944 3:12
74. Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumental  "A Evaristo Carriego" 1969 3:52
"Everybody" is out there dancing yet it almost time for us to leave. How about not just one but two Bregovic tracks, then ;) (and I'm joining you)? 
75. Kayah & Bregovic  "To Nie Ptak [Not a Bird]" 1999 4:40
76. Goran Bregovic  "This Is A Film (feat. Iggy Pop)" 2003 4:18
77. Various  "Juan D'Arienzo  La Cumparsita"  3:45
Erskine Maytorena. From Qtango website
I totally fell in love with Erskine and QTango band when we visited Albuquerque two weeks ago; I feel that these great musicians and teachers of tango music have finally provided the ABQ festival, this "Costco of tango events" known for its great price and great quantity but little personality, with the soul and the special quality! Can't stop listening to you, guys! And yet, the following super-slow dreamy milonga was intended to be a final curtain and the furniture-moving track rather than a dancing song ... yet so many people continued dancing to it, I had to throw in a additional, totally non-tango record to help us leave the floor nd move the chairs and the tables :)
78. Erskine Maytorena y su orquesta  "Milonga Triste"  4:17
79. Victor Tsoy, Kino.  "Gruppa krovi"  4:46
(79 total)
Nice, sweet night, all! Thank you so much for coming, many many thanks to Julianne for hosting, and please do not forget about our special Milonga Sin Nombre on Saturday!

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