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Milonga Sin Nombre de Hojas de Otoño playlist

Having pre-announced plans to play loads of Canaro and De Angelis (and even Raul Kaplun, who was also born in November), I found myself in a stronger bind than I expected. I only have real taste for very late, very rich tangos of De Angelis ... and a fair-quality tanda of Kaplun may in hindsight be a "mission impossible". Worse yet, I planned to play many eternal hits in the tail section of the milonga, but ran out of time and nixed Lomuto, Laurenz, and most of Pugliese :(

Many of the planned experiments worked well, but nevertheless I ended up with a feeling that I need to cut some on the experimental stuff / educational materials in the playlists, and to concentrate more on the stuff which just simply works :) Maybe tomorrow?

I already played tons of 1950s Di Sarli instrumentals for Irene's paradas-and-embellishments class before the milonga, could have skipped the first planned tanda (which usually helps to transition from a class to a milonga with beautiful but at the same time accessible music)
01. Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental Carlos Di Sarli "El ingeniero" 1952 3:25
02. Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental  "Milonguero viejo" 1955 2:48
03. Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental Carlos Di Sarli "El amanecer" 1951 2:30
04. Goran Bregovic  "Old Home Movie" 1993 0:25
05. Juan D'Arienzo - Instrumental  "El internado" 1954 2:35
06. Juan D'Arienzo - Instrumental  "El irresistible" 1954 2:31
07. Juan D'Arienzo  "El Chupete - Instrumental - 1955" 2:33
Is this instrumental intro from the Russian original underworld classic of an escape from the Odessa slammer too danceable? The song, which we only knew as a street ballad in our childhood years, is irresistible on so many levels, from its inimitable Odessa Jewish accent to its tale of a fallen mobster and the betrayed dreams of the ex-fighters of Ukraine's brutal and messy Civil War of 1918-1920 - a supposedly solemn tale yet narrated with hilarious "only in Odessa" flourishes. For those in the know, let me add a modern stanza :)
Товарич, товарич, за чо же мы сражались, за чо ж мы проливали свою кровь? За резвенькие ножки, за энти комильфошки, за музычку сороковых годов"
08. Leonid Utesov "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1932 0:22
09. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Milonga Brava" 1938 2:35
10. Francisco Canaro - Ernesto Fama  "Milonga del 900" 1933 2:55
11. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida  "Larga las penas" 1935 3:09
12. Goran Bregovic  "Old Home Movie" 1993 0:25
13. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Moreno "Danza Maligna" 1940 2:27
14. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Moreno  "El encopao" 1942 2:34
15. Enrique Rodríguez - Armando Moreno "Como has cambiado pebeta" 1942 2:37
16. Anzhelika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
17. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "Pregonera" 1945 2:48
18. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante  "Remolino" 1946 3:06
19. Alfredo de Angelis - Julio Martel "La vida me engañó" 1946 2:48
20. Leonid Utesov  "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1935 0:22
I mentioned the story of Canaro's different orchestras (including two quintets) a few months ago, and where the names "Pirincho" and "Don Pancho" came from. Here is a vals tanda by Quinteto Pirincho (and a rhythmic tango tanda of Quinteto Don Pancho follows soon)
21. Quinteto Pirincho (Francisco Canaro) "Francia (vals) " 1943 2:40
22. Quinteto Pirincho (Francisco Canaro) "Maria esther (vals)" 1943 2:31
23. Quinteto Pirincho (Francisco Canaro) "Vibraciones del alma (Vals)" 1956 2:53
24. Anzhelika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
Raúl Kaplún (born Israel Kaflún to a family of Jewish immigrants from today's Moldavia on Nov. 11 1910) was a virtuoso violinist, famous for performing arrangements which literally no one else could master. Raúl Kaplún played the first violin with Calo and Demare, before forming his own tango orchestra. Several of his very romantic tango compositions were performed by Demare's orchestra - let's dance to these three, before moving on to a tanda of Kaplún's own orchestra:
25. Lucio Demare - Roberto Arrieta  "Cancion de rango (Pa' que se callen)" 1942 3:04
26. Lucio Demare - Raul Beron  "Que solo estoy" 1943 3:04
27. Lucio Demare - Raul Beron "Una emocion" 1943 2:42
A special inserted here - a birthday vals, Klezmatics' "Goldene Pave". And on to another brand of Canaro's:
29. Quinteto Don Pancho - Instrumental (Francisco Canaro) "El flete" 1939 2:55
30. Quinteto Don Pancho - Instrumental (Francisco Canaro) "Zorro gris" 1938 2:46
31. Quinteto Don Pancho - Instrumental (Francisco Canaro) "El garron" 1938 2:27
32. Leonid Utesov  "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1935, 1935 0:22
33. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Pena Mulata" 2004 2:27
34. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Zorzal"  2:40
35. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "La Mulateada"  2:22
36. Goran Bregovic  "Old Home Movie" 1993 0:25
A Guardia Vieja tanda. I was totally spellbound by Di Sarli sexteto's "La estancia" (which John Miller matched with "Chau pinela" in Albuquerque ... also sung by Ernesto Famá but IMVHO a bit too fast to fit well). These early hits are hard to mix, of course. Here I tried adding Ernesto Famá with a different Guardia Vieja orchestra (possibly a tad too slow), then capping with another hard-to-match hint, a Firpo instrumental. You be the judge.
37. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Ernesto Famá "La estancia" 1930 3:25
38. Osvaldo Fresedo - Ernesto Famá  "El carrerito" 1928 3:09
39. Orquesta de Roberto Firpo  "Una Noche En La Milonga" 1929 2:56
40. Anzhelika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
Orquesta Raúl Kaplún
The unlucky tanda of Raúl Kaplún, the only Jewish fiddler to lead an Orquesta Tipica. Listening again and again, I imagined a genius who would insist that he's right and the dancers are wrong. Raúl Kaplún can be described as D'Arienzo detractor who fought for the Tango of pure emotions and romanticism, and sort of lost the fight. I mean you don't necessarily need humility to strike it with the dancing crowd; of course a combination of talent and persistence may substitute ... but there are simply too few surviving records of Kaplún's. Three pieces? I started to get cold feet but couldn't figure out how to convert it to a mixed-band tanda. In the end the compact dance floor of the North Church was pretty full, and a tanda of vals hits which followed quickly recharged the dancers energy - whew!
41. Orq Raul Kaplun  "Tierra Querida"  2:38
42. Orquesta Raul Kaplun  "Estaño - Instrumental" 1950 2:48
43. Orquesta Raul Kaplun  "Tierrita - Instrumental" 1950 3:03
44. Leonid Utesov  "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1935 0:22
45. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante, Julio Martel  "Soñar y nada más" 1944 3:08
46. Alfredo de Angelis - Carlos Dante "No vuelvas Maria" 1950 2:53
47. Alfredo de Angelis - Floreal Ruiz "Mi novia de ayer (vals)" 1944 2:36
48. Anzhekika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
49. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Condena (S.O.S.)" 1937 2:39
50. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida "Ojos negros que fascinan" 1935 2:51
51. Francisco Canaro - Roberto Maida  "Mi noche triste" 1936 2:45
52. Goran Bregovic  "Old Home Movie" 1993 0:25
53. Rodolfo Biagi - Jorge Ortiz  "Humillacion" 1941 2:38
54. Rodolfo Biagi - Jorge Ortiz  "Indiferencia" 1942 2:36
55. Rodolfo Biagi - Teófilo Ibáñez  "Gólgota" 1938 2:33
56. Leonid Utesov  "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1935 0:22
Alberto Castillo, from todotango website
A different take on Aces de Candombe. Listen to the vocal in Demare's Carnavalito, its folksy fused and missing syllables ... I'm told that the nosy Porteños don't appreciate this way of talking... but I do. Alberto Castillo may have excelled in the downclass / provincial / Afro sound of words even better, and people always linked his hoarse voice to his poor-barrio upbringing. But at the same time he was one of the few tango performers who were successful professionals by the day - as Dr. Alberto De Luca, a gynecologist. There was a persistent rumor that some of Dr. De Luca's patients were actually Castillo's fans ... and after he married, he had to drop his medical career. Castillo may have been the first tango musician to pick the Uruguayan beat for candombe, and to add black dancers to the performances, and it became an instant success. The one Castillo candombe I included in this tanda is recorded more than a decade later ... can one resist a song full of meowing and purring cats?
57. Lucio Demare - Raul Beron  "Carnavalito" 1943 3:16
58. Alberto Castillo (Jorge Dragone, Dir.) "El Gatito en el Tejado" 1957 2:37
59. Romeo Gavioli y su orquesta típica  "Tamboriles" 1956 2:56
60. Anzhelika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
61. Lucio Demare - Juan Carlos Miranda "Manana zarpa un barco" 1942 3:22
62. Lucio Demare - Juan Carlos Miranda "No te apures, Carablanca" 1942 3:29
63. Lucio Demare - Juan Carlos Miranda "Malena" 1942 2:59
64. Anzhelika Varum  "Autumn Jazz"  0:20
65. Carlos Di Sarli - Alberto Podestá "Junto a tu corazon" 1942 3:00
66. Carlos di Sarli - Alberto Podestá  "Lloran las campanas" 1944 2:58
67. Carlos Di Sarli - Alberto Podestá "Tu!...El cielo y tu!" 1944 2:59
68. Leonid Utesov  "S Odesskogo kichmana (cortina)" 1935 0:22
69. Edgardo Donato - Hugo Del Carril  "El vals de los recuerdos" 1935 2:18
70. Edgardo Donato - Félix Gutierrez "La Tapera - vals" 1936 2:54
71. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos "Con Tus Besos" 1938 2:23
72. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos "Quién será? - vals" 1941 2:15
73. Goran Bregovic  "Old Home Movie" 1993 0:25
and an abbreviated crescendo...
74. Alfredo de Angelis - Instrumental  "Mi dolor" 1957 2:51
75. Osvaldo Pugliese - Roberto Chanel  "Rondando tu esquina" 1945 2:48
76. Juan D'Arienzo - Instrumental  "La cumparsita" 1951 3:49
77. Damour Vocal Band  "SWAY - Damour Vocal Band"  3:49
(77 total)

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