Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Milonga Mas Alta playlist, Aug 2015

The old lodge fills with dancers - Sandra Angel's photo
I am trying, frantically, to catch up with the August playlists, please forgive me if I'm zipping by too fast for this incredibly eventful month, marked by Wasatch Tango Club's signature event, the Mountain Milonga Retreat!  The days and nights of living together, of ever-strengthening connections between the like-minded souls, of group hikes and communal meals, and much, much tango in a beautiful 1929 log-house ballroom! My heart is just melting with every memory of the Retreat, and I bow low to all the volunteers and crew members and helpers who make the "M2" possible! You are so awesome!

As an organizer of the 80+-strong gathering, I know that I must put up with many 3-hour sleep nights, with many missed tanda opportunities, and with a total deficit of time ... which also means that I can't get a good chance to play my own music selections. But I still jumped at a chance to play some music at a first-of-its-kind milonga of the "M2", the Sunday outdoor milonga at the top of a ski lift (a.k.a. Krista's Peak). I scoped the location last fall - the winter cafe terrace has an even but rough floor, and I packed a blue tarp to make it more pivot friendly. From this year's experience, I know that we'll need to bring a larger tarp or plastic sheeting, and a more powerful speaker set - and to expect a good crowd. Welcome to the first-ever Milonga Mas Alta, Utah's highest elevation milonga ever, where the music was almost an afterthought - and where I chose to play a lot of oldies "from the era when people really danced on dirt and oilcloth tarps"

01. Orquesta de Roberto Firpo  "Una Noche En La Milonga" 1929 2:56
02. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Ernesto Famá  "La estancia" 1930 3:17
03. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental "Belen" 1929 2:44
04. Cuarteto Roberto Firpo "El Aeroplano (vals)" 1936 2:14
05. Los Provincianos, Alberto Gomez  "Samaritana (vals)" 1932 2:58
06. Cuarteto Roberto Firpo - Carlos Varela  "Barreras de Amor" 1936 2:36
07. Ángel D'Agostino - Ángel Vargas  "Solo compasion" 1941 2:58
08. Ángel D'Agostino - Ángel Vargas "Un Tropezón"  2:34
09. Ángel D'Agostino - Ángel Vargas  "Una pena" 1941 2:55
10. Orquesta Típica Víctor (dir. Adolfo Carabelli) - Roberto Díaz  "Vieja calesita" 1929 2:40
11. Orquesta Tipica Victor (dir. Adolfo Carabelli)  "Che, papusa, oi" 1927 2:37
12. Roberto Firpo - Teofilo Ibanez  "Ya no cantas, Chingolo" 1928 2:56
13. Osvaldo Fresedo - Roberto Ray "Yo no se llorar" 1933 2:36
14. Osvaldo Fresedo - Ricardo Ruiz  "Si no me engana el corazon" 1939 2:31
15. Osvaldo Fresedo - Ricardo Ruiz  "Inquietud" 1939 2:28
16. Osvaldo Fresedo - Ricardo Ruiz  "Buscandote" 1941 2:49

and then we were off down the hill to make it to the final hour of DJ Serena's Tango Addicts Milonga at the lodge...

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