Monday, April 24, 2017

Star Valley, Wyoming, after-longa playlist

Very excited to have taken part in the first-ever regional tango gathering in Wyoming, also drawing dancers from Utah, Montana and Idaho to the beautiful Star Valley! Hats off to David and Lucia for sawing the seeds of Argentine Tango in the greater Idaho Falls area, to Lily for graciously opening her home to the visiting tangueros, and to Rusty of Rustlers Restaurant and Saloon in Thayne, WY, and his team, for hosting the inaugural dinner milonga!
Salt River Range ahead...

Primer milonga en Star Valley!
Afton kids welcome the Temple, September 2016
Our carpool drove from Salt Lake City through the mountain passes, still half-covered by the spring snow, and near the beautiful, giant Bear Lake, and through quaint Mormon towns with such old-world names as Paris and Geneva, before reaching the verdant banks of Salt River in historic Star Valley. The first white ranchers have visited the area, then known for the salt springs of Stump Creek, as early as in the 1850s, but the massive Mormon migration didn't begin until the 1870s, when the valley received its present "marketing name". An early prophecy even envisioned a future LDS Temple in this semi-wilderness, on the hillsides East of Afton. And just a century and a quarter later, the prophesied Temple emerged there for real (opened in the fall 2016, the only LDS Temple in the whole Wyoming). But Star Valley is no longer just a traditional ranching enclave. With its location barely an hour away from the rich-and-famous Jackson Hole, it attracts all sorts of outsider folk now, outdoorsmen, artists, seclusion-minded white nationalists, you name it. And now tangueros!

Los ultimos abrazos...
Gabriel, Guadalupe, and David took turns DJing. I got my chance just before the final embraces, with an hour of impromptu music ending in the final Cumparsita, sticking to the records not heard earlier during the event, mostly old favorites. And then we were off to rustic Maple Grove Hot Springs!

01. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos  "Me Voy A Baraja" 1936 2:26
02. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos  "Alas rotas" 1938 2:31
03. Edgardo Donato - Horacio Lagos  "A Oscuras" 1941 2:47
04. Soda Stereo  "En la ciudad de furia"  0:24
05. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Ernesto Fama 1930 2:38
06. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Instruental "Belen" 1929 2:44
07. Sexteto Carlos di Sarli - Instrumental "Pobre yo" 1929 2:12
08. Sandro de America  "Yo Te Amo cortina" 1968 0:23
09. Francisco Canaro - Ernesto Fama "Tormenta" 1939 2:34
10. Francisco Canaro - Ernesto Fama "Te quiero todavia" 1939  2:54
11. Francisco Canaro - Ernesto Fama "No me pregunten porque" 1939 2:54
12. Lyube  "Bat'ka Makhno cortina 1"  0:18
Opening the swim
season @ Maple Grove
13. Carlos di Sarli - Roberto Rufino "La mulateada" 1941 2:22
14. Carlos di Sarli - Roberto Rufino  "Pena mulata" 1941 2:27
15. Carlos di Sarli - Roberto Rufino  "Pena mulata" 1941 2:40
16. Soda Stereo  "Corazon elator"  0:28
17. Miguel Calo - Raul Beron  "Tristezas de la calle Corrientes" 1942 2:46
18. Miguel Calo - Raul Beron  "Que te importa que te llore" 1942 2:44
19. Miguel Calo - Raul Beron "Jamás Retornarás" 1942 2:28
20. The Beatles "All you Need is Love cortina" 2006, 2006 0:19
21. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Moreno "Cómo Se Pianta la Vida" 1940 2:23
22. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Moreno "Danza maligna" 1940 2:28
23. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Mo  "Tabernero" 1941 2:33
24. Folk  "Shumel Kamysh "  0:23
25. Pedro Laurenz - Alberto Podestá "Nunca tuvo novio" 1943 3:14
26. Pedro Laurenz - Alberto Podestá  "Recien" 1943 2:43
27. Pedro Laurenz - Alberto Podestá "Todo" 1943 2:35
28. Juan D Arienzo - Instrumental "La Cumparsita" 1955 3:44

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