Monday, February 18, 2013

Practica del Centro playlist, Jan 21st 2013

This is a practica with, officially, non-tanda format but I tried arranging the tracks into a tanda-like sets of 3 anyway. The list is also very rich on personal favorites :)

01. Carlos Di Sarli  "9 Puntos" 2001 3:27
02. Carlos Di Sarli  "La Capilla  Blanca" 1998 2:57
03. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podesta "Al compas del Corazon"  3:19
04. Ricardo Tanturi - Canta Enrique Campos  "Ricardo Tanturi - Enrique Campos / Oigo Tu Voz" 1996 3:07
05. Ricardo Tanturi  "Que Nunca Me Falte"  2:42
06. Ricardo Tanturi Y Su Orquesta Típica Los Indios With Alberto Castillo  "Así Se Baila El Tango"  2:34
07. Enrique Rodriguez - Roberto Flores  "Salud Dinero Y Amor"  2:39
08. Canaro, Francisco  "La Zandunga"  3:16
Great sentimental value here :) ! This vals marked my entrypoint into tango music and poetry - I  started collecting music, making playlists, and, of course, translating the letras after figuring out at last (with great effort) which vals was this tune which then impressed me by its deadpanning triplets:
09.   "15 Francisco Amor _ Cuando Estaba Enamorado"  2:49
10. Rodriguez, Enrique  "En la buena y en la mala" 1940 2:26
11. Enrique Rodríguez Enrique Rodriguez "Llorar por una mujer" 2000 2:47
12. Rodriguez, Enrique  "Alma en pena" 1946 3:05
13. Biagi, Rodolfo  "Humiliacion" 1941 2:42
14. Biagi, Rodolfo  "La chacarera" 1940 2:24
15. Biagi, Rodolfo  "Gólgota" 1938 2:32
Otros Aires is a rare modern band which easily allows old-recipee tandas (same orchestra, same period...) and IMHO why not? :
16. Otros Aires  "Rotos en el Raval" 2005 3:53
17. Otros Aires dos  "Los Vino"  2:41
18. Otros Aires  "Un Baile De Beneficio" 2010 3:42
19. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Vida mia" 1933 3:23
20. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Nieblas del riachuelo" 1937 2:25
21. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Cordobesita" 1933 2:32
Another great sentimental value :) Imagine a milonga aboard a riverboat. The night of my hometown is so brightly lit; the cathedrals of the Kremlin reflect in the quiet water. I cabeceo a lady and first thing, tell her how it's impossible not to dance to such a wonderful tango. The reply? "You really like to dance to that?" :
22. Carlos Di Sarli Y Su Orquesta Típica - Canta Alberto Podestá  "Carlos Di Sarli - Alberto Podestá / Junto A Tu Corazón" 1996 3:00
23. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podestá "Llueve Otra Vez"  3:06
24.   "043 Siete Palabras"  2:44
25. 17 Hippies  "Time Has Left Me Ma Belle (Vals) aka Manchurian Hills" 2004 3:56
I don't think I actually played it in the end. But anyway.This is a make-believe orchestra name somewhere in Turkey with make-believe song titles in English, all actually good remixes of Golden Age classics:
26. Seitkaliyev SEITKALÝYEV "Waltz of the butterfly"  4:16
27. Soha  "Mil Pasos" 2008 4:07
28. Bebe Various Artists "Siempre Me Quedará" 2005 3:50
29. Gotye  "Somebody I used to know"  4:05
30. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Recien"  2:41
31. Pedro Laurenz Instrumental "Amurado" 2003 2:38
32. Pedro Laurenz Alberto Podestá "Todo"  2:35
33. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "La Mulateada"  2:22
34. Carlos Di Sarli Alberto Podestá "Entre Pitada Y Pitada"  2:33
35. Carlos Di Sarli Roberto Rufino "Zorzal"  2:40
36. Carlos Dante  "Alfredo De Angelis - Fumando Espero"  3:27
37. De Angelis - Carlos Dante  "Alfredo de Angelis - Carrillon de la Merced"  2:50
38. Alfredo De Angelis  "Pavadita"  2:55
39. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Siempre es carnaval" 1937 3:27
40. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Isla de Capri" 1935 3:16
41. Osvaldo Fresedo Roberto Ray "Sollosos" 1937 3:27
42. "Juan D'Arienzo  La Cumparsita"  3:45
43. 17 Hippies  "Marlène" 2005 3:54
(43 total)


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  2. So... I figured it out. Always wise to start with Di Sarli. I really like the Rodriguez and Biagi tandas. I like Los Vinos. The others don't do a lot for me Not keen on 17 Hippies after the novelty wore off. (Loved them years ago for about 5 plays) De Angelis tanda was great and at the right part of the evening. Fresedo too. Bold going without D'Arienzo, Canaro which are usually a sure bet

    1. Thanks a lot, Brian! Yes, Tanturi was sort of early in the game. And Los Vino is definitely my overriding reason to go with Otros Aires!

      Canaro-wise, don't valses count, too? And D'Arienzo's Cumparsita? Besides, my trusted Consultant here always asks for fewer rhythmic tandas, so, having a classic Biagi and with just two hours worth of music, I wasn't excited about adding a full tanda of what I would typically pick of D'Arienzo :)

      I find it hard to "over-Di-Sarli" an evening...

      The only 17 Hippies track which has been, at one time, played around here until *everything* wore off, is Saragina? But that's JMHO, and in hindsight I am not even sure why I used two of their records. I think my reason had nothing to do with I think of the group. It's just, in one case I needed a waltz, and in another case, an energetic furniture-moving music :)

  3. Dmitri, you can find the correct dates for these Golden Age tracks on e.g.

    Carlos Di Sarli "9 Puntos" 2001 3:27 1943

    PS I wonder what is the purpose of the official non-tanda rule.

    1. Thanks Chris, I griped elsewhere how the date field is filled sometimes with the date of the issue of a disk. Alas, the edits have to be done manually, and it's a tedious job - but you're absolutely right, I should, at the very list, correct the track metadata for those sets which I list online! (And BTW what a great DJ resource you got on your site!)

      The "no-tandas-required" rule is a request of the practica organizer. Does it help anything? Well at the very least it probably helps Del Centro's rotating DJs practice their own skills as the dancers practice theirs.