Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's celebrate Miguel Caló and Donato Racciatti!

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October is the birthday month of Tango orchestra leaders Miguel Caló and Donato Racciatti! 

Miguel Caló 

28 Oct 1907 – 24 May 1972

A bandoneonist and an orchestra director, Miguel Caló started his music career with Fresedo's orchestra at the age of 17, and convened his first tango orchestra in 1928. During the Golden Age, Caló's orchestra was blessed with the amazing voices of  Raúl Berón, Alberto Podestá and Raúl Iriarte, and spectacular piano play by Osmar Maderna and Miguel Nijensohn. The early 1940s were the undisputed pinnacle years of Caló's tango. Miguel Caló composed such signature tango pieces as  "Jamás retornarás" and "Qué te importa que te llore", both recorded in 1942. And in the Dark Age of tango during the 1960s, he reunited the talents who played and sang with him in the past into "Orquesta de las Estrellas"

Donato Racciatti

18 Oct 1918 - 27 May 2000

The most famous Uruguayan tango orchestra leader, composer, and bandoneon player, Donato Racciatti was an immigrant from Italy and a late comer to the tango world. His orchestra has been formed only in 1948, and sustained itself primarily by touring small-town Uruguay and Brazil. It burst to continental fame after 1953 with the voices of amazing female singers, Nina Miranda (singing in this picture, with Racciatti on bando to the right) and Olga Delgrossi. Their signature pieces,  "Tu corazón", "Queriéndote", and "Hasta siempre amor", were all composed by Racciatti himself. Uruguayan public remained highly appreciative of Donato Racciatti's talent through the years which were marked by the loss of tango culture in the nearby Argentina, and he played and inspired until his death at the age of 81.

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